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The Mind, Brain and Behavior Research Center has a functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Unit, equipped with a MRI scanner available to researchers around the world. It is a 3T Siemens Trio.


The scanner if fully equipped with devices for audio and video projection, either back-projection or goggles, and collection of subject responses. We are actually developing programs for simultaneous EEG/fMRI acquisition and optimizing sequences for EPI's of different brain structures of interest.

The Center has time available on the 3T scanner and offers a great variety of research packages to researchers interested in brain functions.

The Research Groups owned a variety of EEG recording devices, including Brain Vision, Biosemi, Neuroscan, and EGI systems.

There are also a variety of eye-trackers (Facelab, Tobi, Eyelink), amplifiers for peripheral electrophsyiological recordings, and traditional paper and pencil psychological test and questionnaires. Altogether, the facilities are helpful to provide a complete picture of human mind.

The Center has also around 35 electrically shielded and 200 behavioral testing rooms designed to facilitate optimal behavioral, neuropsychological and psycho-pharmacological assessment.

Finally, there are a number of facilities for visiting scholars and doctorate students.