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The Mind, Brain and Behavior Research Center (CIMCYC) of the University of Granada (UGR) is a center dedicated to psychological research of excellence.

The Center incorporates scientists who work in all areas of Psychology and who are motivated by the study of behavior, mind and brain. They use a set of classic methods and modern brain imaging technologies.

We all share the objective of knowing how mental processes and behavior emerge from the normal activity of the brain, and how behavioral problems are related to the deterioration of brain processes. The CIMCYC is composed of a large number of research teams dedicated to the study of all aspects of Psychology, covering Clinical and Health Psychology, Human Development, Applied Psychology and higher cognitive functions, as well as social interactions .

The Center hosts the Magnetic Resonance Unit (MRI) of the University of Granada, the leading neuroimaging technique in southern Spain. The CIMCYC aims to improve citizen welfare, by studying the causal relationships between the mind, the brain and behavior. We host, and train, about 250 researchers and maintain collaborations with around 50 global research teams.

In addition to conducting high level scientific research, we offer specialized training aimed at supporting the development of psychological research at both the Andalusian and national and international levels.