Francisco Cruz Quintana

Francisco Cruz Quintana

Catedrático de Universidad

Facultad de Psicología
Campus Universitario de Cartuja 18071 Granada


Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Clinical Training in Psychoanalysis

Master's Degree in Healthcare for the Promotion of Personal Autonomy and End-of-Life Care

Module 3: Specific Subjects. Psychological/Mental Environment - Complex Emotional Contexts: Therapeutic Skills and Space to Approach Suffering

Doctoral Programme in Psychology

Research Period - Clinical and Health Psychology

Master's Degree in Genetic, Nutritional and Environmental Factors in Growth and Development (Nutrenvigen G+D Factors)

Human Growth and Development - Normal and Pathological Neurodevelopment

Master's Degree in General Health Psychology

Compulsory Subjects Specialist Module - Early Attention: Assessment, Diagnosis and Intervention in Children with Special Educational Needs