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Want to participate in experimental research at CIMCYC?

Volunteers to participate in the research we develop at CIMCYC are welcome. We are looking for volunteers to take part in our psychological research. We study human functioning using mainly behavioral tests, eye tracking, MRI, EEG, and other non-invasive techniques. We use these techniques to infer what mental procesesses como into play to perform different tasks.

In general, payment for your time is not allowed, but you may receive compensation for any costs (travelling and so on) caused by the study in which you volunteered to. Moreover, if you participate in a MRI study, at your request, you will receive an structural image of your brain. Anyway, you have to be proud for your contribution to the advance of scientific research.

Please note that each study have a number of selection criteria, so that only people who meet them can participate in the study. Please, contact the principal investigator to check whether you fulfill the criteria.

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