Convocatoria de proyectos de investigación EU: Knowing, doing, being: cognition beyond problem solving

Mié, 05/02/2014 - 11:04
Fuente ornamental central de uno de los patios del Hospital Real con los arcos de columnas al fondo

Specific challenge: This initiative addresses the interdisciplinary fundamentals of knowing, thinking, doing and being, in close synergy with foundational research on future artificial cognitive systems, robots, smart artefacts and large scale cyber-physical systems. It aims at renewing ties between the different disciplines studying knowledge (especially beyond the 'declarative' and static action oriented kind of knowledge), cognition (e.g., perception, understanding, learning, action) and related issues (e.g., embodiment, thinking, development, insight, knowledge as a social construct, identity, responsibility, culture…) from various perspectives (e.g., physical, biological, neuronal, behavioural, social, epistemological, ecological). The aim is to enable new synergies with engineering disciplines on smart and self-organising materials, embedded systems, robotics, hybrid systems or smart infrastructures and cities to take artificial cognitive systems beyond the level of dull task execution or repetitive pr

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