CONFERENCIA DE PATRICK VUILLEUMIER - Emotional control of perception and brain states

Tue, 05/13/2014 - 17:27
Salón de actos vacío de la Facultad de Ciencias del Deporte

Jueves 15 de mayo a las 16.30 en el Complejo Administrativo del Triunfo (frente al Hospital Real)

Emotions do not only serve to assign a particular value to objects or events forming the content of consciousness, but can directly influence perception and thus shape the content of consciousness and action. The talk will present an overview of functional neuroimaging studies in humans that contributed to show how sensory and motor processes can be modulated by the affective significance of stimuli. Furthermore, emotional events can also influence brain activity in a more sustained manner, with long-lasting changes in brain state and functional connectivity following transient emotions, and these effects may in turn influence the subsequent processing of other stimuli. These findings also have implications to better understand and assess neural mechanisms that may be implicated in psychiatry disorders.