Would you like to participate in CIMCYC research?

We welcome all volunteers to participate in the research being carried out at CIMCYC. We are looking for volunteers who would like to take part in our psychological research. We study human functioning using mainly behavioral techniques, recording of eye, heart, muscle and other activity, as well as EEG and MRI. We use all these non-invasive techniques to infer which mental processes play a relevant role in the different tasks we apply.

In general, we cannot pay for your participation, but you may receive compensation for travel costs, etc., incurred by volunteering to participate in our research. If you participate in an MRI study, you are entitled to receive a structural image of your brain. In any case, you should be proud to have contributed to the advancement of scientific research.

Please note that each study has a set of admission/exclusion criteria, so only those who fit that profile can participate. Please contact the principal investigator of the study to check that you meet these criteria.

To obtain up-to-date information on the research being carried out at our center, please contact directly the researchers responsible for the research groups that may be of interest to you.