Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Prisma 3T)


The CIMCYC has a Siemens Magnetom Prisma Fit 3 Tesla magnetic resonance scanner. This equipment gives us the possibility of visualizing different aspects of the brain, such as the generation of high-resolution structural images (brain structures and nerve tracts) and images related to changes in metabolic oxygen consumption linked to the performance of tasks or in a resting state. This is done through the generation of a large magnetic field and the use of radiofrequency pulses. The resonance signal emitted by the hydrogen atoms present in the brain tissue is analyzed in detail to generate functional and structural brain images.

The scanner is located on floor 0 of the CIMCYC. For brain imaging, the equipment is equipped with 32-channel head coils and 20- and 64-channel head and neck coils. In addition, it is equipped with a visual stimulus presentation screen controlled by specialized software (E-prime, Presentation, nordicAktiva), and 2- and 5-button response controls connected to the recording computer. We have glasses compatible with the scanner that allow the correction of myopia and hyperopia (0.5 to 6 diopters).


Reservation Form

The reservation of this equipment is managed by the Scientific Instrumentation Center of the UGR