HUM129: Experimental and Applied Behavioural Analysis

The main lines of research of the research group are:  

  • Assessment of learning potential and modification of intelligence: immigrant preschoolers, generalized Developmental Disorders, Down's Syndrome, high intellectual abilities and Language Disorders.
  • Analysis and treatment of psychological problems in childhood and adolescence: Hyperactivity, disruptive behaviour, generalized Developmental Disorders and Down's Syndrome.
  • Social self-concept in the psychological well-being and mental health of people belonging to minority groups: ethnic minorities, immigrants, the disabled.
  • Social self-concept and language in prejudicial attitudes towards members of minority groups: gypsies, immigrants, women.
  • Training in interpersonal skills and problem solving.
  • Psychological intervention in medical and health problems.
  • Assessment and intervention with the elderly.
  • Assessment of intervention programs.
  • Training for parents and caregivers.

Coordinator: Antonio Fernández Parra |


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