HUM379: Cognitive Neuroscience

The object of study of the Cognitive Neuroscience group is cognitive neuroscience, a field of research into the brain basis of human cognition, including attention, perception, consciousness and social cognition.

Techniques employed include:

  • structural and functional neuroimaging (structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging -MRI/fMRI-,
  • electroencephalography -EEG-),
  • neuropsychological studies, transcranial magnetic stimulation -TMS-,
  • computational modelling and evolutionary studies.

The members of the group collaborate with neuropsychologists from the Hospital de San Rafael in Granada, which facilitates the application of the results to clinical practice.

The research topics in the group are very broad.  It has multiple national and international research programs in the fields of cognitive control, attention, perception (uni and multimodal), time processing, and affective and social neuroscience.

Coordinator: Juan Lupiáñez |


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