ERC applications at CIMCYC

Mon, 03/11/2024 - 19:20
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Three researchers from CIMCYC have successfully passed the initial stage in the prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant. Javier Ortiz Tudela, Juan Linde Domingo, and Carlos González García now advance to the interview phase, where they will defend their projects before a panel of experts.

ERC Starting Grant projects support emerging researchers, enabling them to form teams and carry out innovative work. Javier Ortiz Tudela's project proposes an innovative approach that integrates previous models on the influence of semantic information on our cognition. Meanwhile, Juan Linde Domingo's project focuses on the study of long-term memory in humans, aiming to find efficient keys for memory retrieval. Finally, Carlos González García's project aspires to describe the content of the internal models we establish about specific perceptual episodes.

The interviews will take place in May, and the results will be announced after the summer. From CIMCYC, we congratulate these researchers on this achievement and wish them the best for the next phase.