CTS1003: Neuroplasticity and Learning (NEPLE). Theoretical Models of Learning Section.

The research group includes researchers interested in learning theory and psychobiology. They all share an interest in investigating experience-dependent plastic changes in brain circuits that support lasting changes in behaviour. Their research aims to explore the neural basis of learning and to develop biologically plausible theoretical models of learning.

Research interests:

  • Perceptual learning in human and non-human animals.
  • Content and mechanisms of associative learning
  • Exposure effects on associative learning and their implications for eating behaviour: Diet choice, conditioned preference and the importance of environmental cues in overeating, sensory specific satiety, conditioned satiety and the effects of non-caloric sweeteners on obesity and overweight.
  • Biological basis of binge drinking and its influence through pharmacological interventions in animal models.
  • Pharmacological intervention in depression in animal models.

Coordinator: Isabel de Brugada, @email