HUM624: Modelling and Measurement of Human Behaviour

The research group is made up of lecturers and pre-doctoral researchers in the area of knowledge of Behavioural Sciences Methodology. They carry out research for the development of research methods and techniques to address the study of behaviour in areas such as educational performance, quality of life and psychological wellbeing, personality, etc. The main lines of research under development are articulated in the following areas:


  • Development of tests, scales and questionnaires. Optimization of the methodology for the development of measurement instruments with different modes of administration and measurement models to contribute to obtaining quality measurements in psychological assessments and survey studies.
  • Validity theory and validation methods. Development of validation methods to provide evidence of validity of response processes to survey questionnaire items and questions.
  • Mixed Methodology. Studies integrating quantitative and qualitative methods for the validation of psychological measurements and survey studies.
  • Development of measurement instruments. Approach, through collaborations with professionals from different applied fields, of the development and validation of measurements in different fields: gender violence, quality of life, mood, educational results, etc., both for national and international studies.


Coordinator: José Luis Padilla García :