HUM735: Perception: Road Safety and Reading

The research group is made up of researchers attached to the University of Granada, as well as road safety professionals and secondary school teachers. 

Its research objective is twofold.

On the one hand, to find out the influence of psychological processes during vehicle driving and, in particular, on accidents during use.

To this end, research is carried out to determine the role of the human factor as a risk factor in driving. A second area of interest lies in determining the role of the initial stages of information processing during learning to read.

Lines of research:

  • Psychological Processes and Road Safety: speed and distance perception; recall and driving; attention and driving. Ageing and driving.
  • Risk perception and risk factors.
  • Vision and reading: Initial factors in visual information processing in reading; visual perception and dyslexia;
  • Initial processes in the acquisition of reading: phonological awareness and reading; orthographic depth and reading; types of dyslexia; training in reading rehabilitation.

Coordinator: Francisco J. Martos Perales |