HUM820: Reading and Writing in Spanish (LEE)

The LEE research group arises from the interest of a group of professionals with a long career in the field of research on written language, learning skills and their difficulties and their practical applicability.

Its basic objectives focus on the study of the acquisition and development of written language and calculation and learning difficulties (dyslexia, dysorthographia, dysgraphia, reading and writing delay, dyscalculia) and on the transfer of these studies to the field of psycho-pedagogical assessment and intervention and, in general, to the improvement of education.

The lines of research are the following:

  • Acquisition and development of academic learning skills: reading, writing and arithmetic.
  • Assessment and intervention in learning disorders in Spanish.
  • Design of evidence-based detection and intervention measures.
  • Cross-linguistic research on acquisition, development and learning difficulties.
  • Neuroscience of written language and numeracy development.
  • Psycholinguistic skills associated with written language and numeracy development.
  • Emotional and motivational aspects associated with academic learning and learning difficulties.
  • Reasoning and literacy.
  • Bilingualism and literacy.
  • Promotion and intervention in learning skills in contexts at risk of socio-economic disadvantage.
  • Learning potential and dynamic assessment in reading and writing.

Coordinator: Francisca D. Serrano Chica |